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Professional Writing Samples

When I was little, I had a notebook where I told stories about my favorite characters -- everything from Spider-Man to Mario. I've been guided by my writing ever since. Whether I'm writing poetry, fiction, or marketing copy, I look to find that electric element of truth that creates a lasting image in readers. I want to craft stories that create change, inspire audiences to click, think, and turn their attention to something new. I still carry a notebook with me today, but I've replaced my superheroes with fresh ideas ready to take shape.

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1871: Leading Full Rebrands & Brand Voice Guidelines

As lead copywriter & creative producer, I led creative efforts for the organization's rebrand. I began by establishing 1871's brand voice & tone guidelines, culminating in a full redesign of the website that included our main membership pages.

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1871: Content Strategy, Press Releases, & Executive Communications 

In addition to rebranding 1871's brand guidelines, I also worked with leadership to create a new communications & blog strategy. As their lead copywriter, I wrote all internal & external communications for the organization, including social, email marketing to subscriber lists of more than 20K, physical & digital branding, press releases, video scripts, & executive speeches & announcements.

Because my portfolio in this role is expansive, please contact me to see any additional forms of content! 

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BCV: Managing a Large Client Portfolio

As a copywriter at BCV, I create regular content for a portfolio of 30 clients in the travel and hospitality space, each with their unique mission, guidelines, and brand voices. This work highlights my experience in processing and incorporating a wide variety of feedback and managing multiple clients at a time. 

Click on the photos to the left to view full images. 

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 Social Media Copy

This writing sample highlights my experience in social media copywriting. As an intern and public relations specialist at Golin, I worked on the company's Food and Music Bridges—an innovative  approach that supports brands and influencers in real time consumer interactions. As an account coordinator at Hoffman York, I created copy for the Montana Office of Tourism social media accounts, highlighting some of the best seasonal activities and experiences in the state.

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Reader's Digest Association:  Marketing Copy

This writing sample highlights my work as an editorial intern for Reader's Digest association, where I wrote, reviewed, and edited  introductions and back covers for Taste of Home books, which has a 2.5 MM circulation. I also worked closely with the graphic design team to craft the design and layout for our books. 

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Golin: RFP Mission Statements & Script Copy

My Golin internship culminated in a mock campaign pitch for Folgers. I served as the copywriter for my team, where I crafted language for the cornerstone insights of the campaign and the script for our manifesto, as well as managed the production of the video. 

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Golin: Corporate Communications Copy

During my time at Golin, I designed and wrote daily corporate communications newsletters for WhiteWave executives, highlighting brand mentions and industry news.

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